Gabage and Sewer Issue in Ongata Rongai.

Miriam Jomo

Ongata Rongai is a small town within the county of Kajiado. The town is greatly faced with the issue of sewers and garbage all over the area without the consideration of its residents. The garbage’s displayed all over the place make the area look very unpleasant. It is clearly seen that the county government has a lot to prove to the residents for nothing is done to rectify the problem for a long time now.

Since the area is growing every day and night and its population is likely to increase over the years, the condition the area is experiencing now might alter the future plans.

The condition gets worse especially during the rainy season when the residents mostly those who live in apartments release the sewers all over the place. The stagnant water which is a breeding place for the mosquitoes might lead to Malaria and also cause other dangerous diseases. Some places have been turned into a dumping site for the garbage’s. If this issue continues, the town might lose some of its big investments.

The garbage tracks that are there are not enough to gather all the garbage’s especially in the market areas. The only way to curb this situation is if the county government would produce more tracks to collect the garbage’s if possible twice a day.


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