Use of emergency pill on the rise in Ongata Rongai.

By Ephantus Wanyoike                                                                                                   15th JULY 2016

The unnecessary use of Postionor two tablets commonly known as P2 is on the rise in Ongata Rongai town especially during weekends and Monday.

Despite Postionor tablets being medically designed for emergency cases to prevent pregnancies after unprotected sex or rape cases, many residents are using the pills as contraceptives.

Dr Mwangi a gynecologist working with Dr Mwangi Reproductive Clinic  says that most users of these pills are using these pills in a wrong way. Most of their customers come to use this tablets after practicing unsafe and unprotected sex as a shortcut to prevent pregnancies.

Many pharmacist  get high demand  of the emergency pills especially by young people. The pills if used in large amounts have medical effects such as high blood pressure .

Dr. Mwangi calls on Rongai residents to practice safe sex by  using condoms and other contraceptives but avoid using emergency pills in the name of contraceptives.




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