The Booming Matatu Business

Constance Ndeleko

Matatu bizz

Ongata Rongai is one among the growing towns in Kenya with Matatu business flourishing due to the trending new Manyangas which are attractive and very fancy to customers on daily bases ad source of revenue to the government.

Rongai is widely known for its famous manyangas which have booming music, WI-Fi that attract the youngsters and the terrific speed that they are driven in and mostly loved because they can cut lines in traffic.

With the booming music and WI-Fi they tend to sell out more than others as they can meet desires of the youngsters where one is capable to choose which one as per their taste of music. With the pimping drawings of graffiti it becomes irresistible for one not to want a ride on them even if it’s once.

They really add up so well in the business sector as it is one of the source of income to youths and those who don’t have jobs and to the owners it’s really a major source for one to earn their daily bread.

However with all the goodies it comes with the price set for these matatus is kind of different from others as if you cannot keep up with the price then you don’t belong. These matatus are mostly a target route to most of the students in the university and youths.

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