Matatu Prefarable Means of Transportation in Rongai

 Constance  Ndeleko



Matatu has the highest preference which means that most people are likely to board them  than any other means of transport.In this case we can say that residents in Rongai think that matatu are the most suitable means of transportation for them.

We can report that perhaps matatus have something that is lovable about them that attract their customers,comfortable,affordable and that they tend to earn more than any public transportation in the area.

Perhaps we can say that even if people spend long hours in traffic the matatus have a way to make the passengers feel entertained such as providing music and Wi-Fi and perhaps they have created a good rapport.

The matatu are followed by bus, mini-bus, then lastly private and others .From all this we can conclude that public transportation is the common means of transportation in Rongai and that matatus gets most of the customers.

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