Booming Supermarket Business in Ongata Rongai

Miriam Jomo

ongata rongai

Supermarket business in Rongai is one among many businesses that boom around the area. This is evident with supermarket like Tumaini, Clean shelf Tuskys and of course Gmart. The above helps to cater for the large population in the area. With the supermarkets being many, customers have the option of choosing.

Each supermarket offers its own price and the price differences are not that big. With each customer wanting the best, you will notice that Tuskys supermarket serves a large number of the population even though there prices are said to be high. Tumaini as the name suggests is a place that considers its environs and try as much as possible to give their products at an affordable price for both the middle and high class individuals.

Since the area is growing every night and day, and its population is likely to increase over the years, more supermarkets are likely to be opened in the area to satisfy the ever growing population of the area.


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