Government Intervention on Traffic Issue

Miriam Jomo

government 1

The above is a picture of a survey I conducted on the issue of traffic in Ongata Rongai. Most of the resident have the opinion that the government needs to do something.

The government should do something in relation to the heavy traffic witnessed in the area of Ongata Rongai. The locals who are living in the area say that the bad and narrow has been there ever since and any cry made to the government to try and rectify the issue has fallen into deaf ears.

The area seems to be growing and accommodating many individuals every single day, and the poor rods are no helping in any way. It would be better if the county and National government would try and solve this pressing issue that has been there ever since the town was now. The roads should be expanded and other possible roads constructed. Many of the locals from the area believe that this issue can be fixed for better days in the future.

If the road is fixed, then the witnessed traffic will reduced if not removed permanently. It is now up to the government to try and do something about the issue before it gets out of hand.

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