Matatu is a preferred mode of transport in Ongata Rongai


Richard Obagabus


According to the survey Rongai residents prefer using Matatu as their mode of transport. 50% use matatu according to the data collected. 45.24% of the residents prefer using Bus while 9.52% use private vehicles.

Many residents in Ongata Rongai prefer using Matatu as they are fast and have music.Since Ongata Rongai residents mainly comprises of youths ,matatu transport is there preference. Matatus are hugely loved as they can overlap during traffic peek hours.

Matatu transport is not that preferred as they do not have the comfort in terms of music and speed hence the residents do not prefer using them as a mode of transport.

Bus is the second preferred mode after the matatu .26.19% prefer the bus as their mode.This mainly comprises of adults who do not love loud music while travelling

Minibus follows in the list with a total of 16.67% of preference. ”””””””’9.52% of the residents use private means of transport.This maybe a result that most people in the area do not their own vehicles hence settle for the public ones.

The remaining 2.38% prefer other modes of transport apart from the Bus and the matatus.


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