Traffic a menace in the evening in Ongata Rongai

Richard Obaga



Nairobi city is the main business hub for many people. Rongai people are not exceptional as they have to get up to get to the city for their daily endeavors. As most people get to the city during the morning it raises many questions on how long it will take them to reach their homes during the evening.

Approximately 82.93% of the residents say that traffic is on the peak during evening as opposed to the 21.95% who say morning hours there is much traffic.

4% say that traffic occurs at afternoon while nobody says that there is no traffic during midday.

The high population in the area can’t be matched with the few number of transport vehicles available hence the residents are left with no other option but remain in traffic during the evening as it is the time they are retiring from their jobs.

Also private owned vehicles are behind this menace as they are many to the public owned ones. This brings about traffic as many vehicles are on the road during the evening.Here is a link of the research we conducted.

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