Traffic congestion threatens health in Ongata Rongai.

Ephantus Wanyoike


Reaction of different residents when caught on traffic

On a daily basis half of residents of Rongai are irritated by traffic when travelling from Nairobi town to Rongai  thus a major health risk to contracting stress related diseases and illnesses.

According to an online survey 51% of passengers caught on traffic congestion are irritated and spend more than one hour everyday they are travelling from town thus exposing many people to stress related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes ,asthama, depression and anxiety.

Most of these diseases are long term and cannot be treated but only managed and controlled. The cost of managing these long term disease are quite expensive with some diseases like Alzheimer’s disease c only  treated in specialized facilities in few hospitals .




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Causes of traffic

Levi Musau

Question 6

From a survey answered by 44 people on the causes of traffic the results accrued show that most people believe that the major cause of traffic in Ongata Rongai is the nature of the  roads which are narrow.50% of the people stated that this is the menace motorists go through.

Another response chose by many in the survey is overlapping by this motorists.  25% of the audience claimed that this was the second most notorious causes long traffic jams in the area.

22.73% of the audience claimed that what causes traffic jam in Rongai is the presence of too many personal or private vehicles.

While 2.27% of the audience settled for too many public vehicles as a cause for the traffic menace in Rongai.

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Things we do when caught up in traffic

Levi Musau

Right screen shot 2

From the survey conducted by our team on traffic in Ongata Rongai, the responses accrued on what people mostly do in the case they are caught up in traffic was different and varying. A large percentage of people who responded to the questions claimed to use social media in the incident they are caught up in traffic.

Another large group comprising of 34.88% of the people prefer listening to music when there is traffic congestion in Ongata Rongai.

18.60% of the people stated that they would occasionally  turn to gazing and staring outside  in the case they come across traffic jam.

The answers with the least percentage fell to sleeping and talking to each other with both settling for 4.86% and 2.33% respectively.

With this result it is evident that form the people responding, social media use is a common behavior when they are caught up in traffic while sleeping and talking to each other was not common among the target audience.

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Beating Safaricom and Airtel if you are in the internet business.

Ephantus Wanyoike

internet users0000

The amount of airtime students spend in a day.

Internet service providers targeting university students need to lower bundle prices when students access social media prices if they are to compete favorably against  Safaricom and Airtel.

According to a survey conducted in Multimedia University, Safaricom is the leading Internet Service provider with 86 % of the market share .Many students spend 50 shillings and below on airtime out of which they nearly spend 50 % seeking information on social media platforms .

This means that  for an ISP businesses and enterprises  to compete with the leading ISP companies , they need to lower  their rates in social media sites slightly lower  to make the students access spend less and stay more on the internet.


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Gas cylinder a gain business in Rongai.


Levi Musau

In recent months, people using gas cookers have seen better days as the price of the commodity dropped by a large margin. With this place, Ongata Rongai residents have not been left behind in expressing their joy to the situation, as they were quick to point out how this change has eased life and reduced their cost of living as charcoal had become expensive.

The drop in price of this commonly used commodity came after the reading of the national budget in early June this year, where by the government reduced the tax imposed on the gas cylinders with respective increase in price of the other petroleum products.

With cooking and fire being an every day thing it has seen the gas cylinders business boom in Rongai as more residents are now settling for it as compared to before when it’s prices were high.

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A potential listenership of radio programs in Ongata Rongai


Ephantus Wanyoike


An evening radio talk show utilizing social media to interact with its audience in Ongata Rongai is likely to be listened to with passengers caught in traffic.

According to an online survey just above 80 % of passengers coming travelling from Nairobi town to Ongata Rongai  are caught up in traffic and mostly use social media when caught in traffic.

This implies that for radio program to get a large audience it should among its target audience it should cater for passengers caught in traffic and use social media platforms to interact with its audience to disseminate their packaged message.

Radio producers and presenters also need to target a lot of young people from 18 to 24 as they account for nearly 80% of travelers caught in traffic.

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Biashara ya kutengeneza nywele mjini Rongai

Esther Okumu                                                                                                                braids

Utunzaji wa nywele ni kitu cha kila siku kwenye maisha yetu. Kwenye jamii yetu kila mtu anajali anavyoonekana. Nywele zinaongezea muonekano wa kuvutia. Kuanzia mtoto mpaka mtu mzima wanataka huduma ya kutunza nywele. Kama unaweza kuhesabu gharama ulizotumia kwa mwaka mzima kutunza nywele utashangaa kwa kiwango kikubwa.

Biashara ya kutengeneza nywele basi imevuma mjini Rongai, huku wanaofanya biashara hiyo wakisema kuwa inafaida mingi kutokana na idadi kubwa ya wateja. Wanaofanya biashara hiyo wanadai kuwa njia ya kuvutia wateja ni ukarimu kwa wateja, usafi na huduma nzuri na pia punguzo la bei kwa mwezi wa mwanzo wa biashara hiyo.

Biashara hii ya ketengeneza nywele inayojulikana kama Salon ni biashara ambayo ilikuwa inaenziwa kuwa ya wanawake lakini hivi sasa wanaume pia wanaifanya na cha kushangaza ni kuwa watu wengi wanapenda hudama yao.



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